Why We Do What We Do

I posted this elsewhere December 13, 2009. I plan to post other things I’ve written that might be worth sharing. I’ll try to remember the original posting date…

I’ve been taking it easy as I’ve been recovering from bronchitis, which means I’ve watched a bit of TV and then some DVDs. I have been re-watching Band of Brothers, the HBO miniseries about the company of WWII soldiers. The second to the last episode, entitled “Why We Fight” helps put into perspective just why we had to mobilize our entire nation and invade Europe and defeat the Nazis in Germany. Every time I’ve watched this series, and I’ve seen it close on a dozen times, I have cried at this episode. It has no shooting, no war, no battles. But it is the most powerful and moving ‘war’ movie ever produced.

It begins with the 101st Airborne division moving into Germany, which has mostly been untouched by war… most of the fighting was in France and Belgium. The soldiers find it pleasant, easy to find fresh eggs and good hot foot, and they sleep in beds and have hot showers. They even get to ‘fraternize’ with the German girls. And they begin to wonder why they had to come all this way, why their friends died, what was it all about.

That’s when they find their first concentration camp. They discover what the Germans had done with the Jews and see firsthand the result of the evil philosophy that is Nazism.

Recently the political discourse in our nation has talked a lot about how President Obama is working to ‘get us out’ of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the people who bring up issues like our “Christian” President Bush getting us into this recession and into these unpopular wars, seem to forget what the root causes were.

I for one will always remember that crystal clear blue sky over New Jersey and New York that fateful September day, and how the black cloud of smoke that I could see rising over Manhattan from my front porch made a jarring scar across its face. And I have stood at the edge of what is known as ground zero. I also remember the story of Daniel Pearl. I never watched the video because I knew it was too awful to see. But I know a lot about the philosophy of the radical Islamists and how they admire the Nazis for what they did to Jews.

I compare what happened to our prisoners and how few were retaken alive, compared to the prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. We have a society with people in it, good and bad. But our form of government was designed to curb evil and encourage good. We have a society that is based on a belief in a good God and a final judgment. At heart our nation is good and is made up of good people.

Today we have strayed far from our founders’ ideals. Too many people, still good Americans, have forgotten the past and are trying to live their good lives according to the dictates of a few here who have ideas that are not American. The far Left of our political ruling class is in power now and they are people who don’t believe in our good God, or if they do, they don’t believe in the goodness of our founders and those who have lived since. They have been taught a version of history and politics that looks only at the flaws, and they don’t look at the history and politics of other nations… they live lives of no moral absolutes, and they refuse to make judgments of people like those who also are socialists… while they make quick and harsh judgments of anyone who fights on the side of the good and perhaps lives with some hypocrisy.

The Culture Wars that have swept across America these last few decades are coming to a head. Things are happening that we can no longer ignore and it’s time for the good people of America, those who believe firmly in God and in the goodness of our Constitution to rise up and take power away from the Left. The Left in our country are mostly people who have been told a lie. Thank God we don’t have to rise up in arms to defeat them, but we will have to get our of our comfort zones, out of our churches and jobs and homes and take the reins of political power from them. We are still a majority, but we have been shouted down because we are polite and focused on our families and jobs. But our way of life is threatened, and our nation is going to be changed forever… from a place where good people can spread good around this world to another morally ambivalent place like Europe… which is slowly dying because they forgot the God who made them great.

I remember what we were supposed to be… a shining city on a hill, a place for the world to see that there is a God, He is Good, and they can live free and proud too. America is a place where the world can see what God’s ideal of free people living righteously can be and can produce. But too may are trying to take God away from America and too many people accommodate them. But soon that will change.

Remember what is good. Ignore the shouting and jeering of the political types who only seek power and control. Don’t give in and allow others to rule your life. Take up the weapons of the ballot and your freedom to participate in the political process. You can learn, speak, write and vote. It’s a battle we must fight, for it is upon us, and it is a battle we must win… for the sake of our children and the rest of the world.

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all [who are] in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. ” Matthew 5: 14-16

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