Before we go…

I’m Jim. My brother will post his own stuff. But I’m going to explain our plan…

We’re Baby Boomers and we’ve both had interesting times over the nearly 70 years we’ve each been alive. And we have some ideas about where we as a nation are going and we hope to help you younger people who will continue into the next cycle of history.

I’m a fan of the Strauss & Howe generational history theory and I believe we will be seeing an end to the insanity that currently envelops this nation. I’ll talk about that and where we came from and where we might be going.

In addition, there are other things I’m interested in: First, I’m a Christian. Not like most you’ve met. I’m trying to live like a New Testament believer would in today’s world. Might take a while to explain, but we’ll work on it.

I’ve had a lot of jobs and lived in a lot of places. I’ve done some traveling and now I’m settled in New Jersey, married with kids and grandkids. I teach high school physics.

I like woodworking, reading (SciFi especially), TV and movies, my old pickup, and too many other almost hobbies that keep me busy.

Give me a year or two of posting stuff and it might be worth your while.

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